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Hebei Runhesheng Renewable Resources Recycling Co., Ltd.
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Hebei Runhesheng Renewable Resources Recycling Co., Ltd.
Contact: Manager Chen
Phone: 0136-61262267
Mobile: 13661262267
Fax: 013661262267
Postcode: 072650
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Hebei Runhesheng Renewable Resources Long-term waste cable recycling, cable recycling, waste cable acquisition, wire and cable recycling, cable recycling, cable recycling company, scrap cable recycling station, high price, accurate cash payment, honest acquisition, worthy of cooperation! Guohong Cable Recycling Company is a strictly registered regular material recycling company. At the same time, it is a comprehensive service company integrating collection and trade. Thoughtful service and price talk have won the trust of the public for more than ten years. Now the company has expanded further and opened door-to-door service. Our special car professionals, door-to-door service, can call for consultation, we sincerely serve the city. The company's main recycling products: cable recycling, waste cable recycling, waste wire recycling, waste cable recycling, cable recycling prices, recycling cables, power cords, network cables, broadband cables, communication cables, underground cables, cable header recycling, cables Copper recycling, factory line recycling, computer line recycling, high voltage cable recycling, transformer cable, scrap cable, construction site cable, sun brand flat wire, miscellaneous wire, waste wire, electrical appliance waste wire, machine wire, environmental protection motor wire , Factory wire head and tail, forklift power line, electronics factory wire end, network cable, etc. Wires and cables mainly include bare wires, electromagnetic wires and electrical appliances ...
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